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Five Eco-friendly ways to look after the environment on the road.

2020 changed the lives of so many Australians. From working arrangements to travel plans, COVID-19 disrupted our lives. Many Australians looked for an alternate escape, one where a roadmap and a good playlist replaced passports and language books. That’s right, people were eager to escape, this time hitting the open road for a couple of hours to many spots the nomads had enjoyed for years. 

With so many new travellers experiencing our favourite camping locations, whether in a tent or caravan, it is important we ensure future generations enjoy this privilege by looking after the environment. 

Here are our top 5 ways: 

Bring it in, take it out. 

6 simple words, yet for some, so difficult to follow. For a weekend, a simple rule of thumb is one garbage bag per person. From food scraps to hygiene products and toilet paper; take it with you. If happy hour is a regular occurrence amongst your group, pack cans over glass bottles. Cans can be crushed to reduce the amount of rubbish you need to take out and whatever you do, don’t throw them in the fire, they do not burn! Reduce your plastics; rather than packing a 24 pack of water bottles, buy one large water container with a dispenser and use reusable cups. Better yet, grab one of those blue ones from your local camping store that you can use time and time again. 


Camp where you’re told. 

I know, with so many newbies travelling locally, the desire to head further away is no doubt more attractive. However, camping in designated camp spots is like swimming between the flags; it is for your safety. They are chosen to minimise the impact by your family and maximise sustainability of the environment.


Opt for natural products

When it comes time to cleaning up or bath time, detergents with harsh chemicals can have a detrimental effect on the environment, including local waterways and flora and fauna. These products can include anything from the multi-purpose sprays, dishwashing liquids and body washes, to toilet cleaners and clothes detergents.  So next time you’re packing the camping kit or caravan, be sure to pack Australian made eco-friendly products. 


The sun is a great source of power

In case you haven’t heard already, the sun is a great source of renewable energy and as campers, we can use this to our advantage. If you are camping for the first time in a tent or caravan with no access to mains power, a solar panel and battery pack can allow you to power a small fridge, light your campsite and charge mobile devices without the use of a petrol generator.


Shop locally

So, the title of this article is ‘5 Ways to look after the environment while caravanning or camping’ and when we say “environment”, we also mean the locals. In many parts of Australia, COVID-19 followed some devastating bushfires with many of those regions still recovering due to the lack of tourism. So once you get to camp and have the tent or caravan set up, wander in to the local general store or pub, buy some groceries or a beer and have a yarn; we assure you it’ll be the highlight of your trip. 


So there you have it, five pieces of advice to follow out on the open road. 


Make memories, leave no trace. 

Thanks for reading,

Camp Eco team